Monday, October 31, 2005

Final Presentation Requirements

Final Presentation Requirements

12/5 at 5pm

Short (5minute) PowerPoint presentation of site and urban plans and the
design process.

Presentation Boards—consistent in size with graphics reflecting the
team’s/ individuals conceptual direction
concept statement on first board with parti sketch
Plans, Sections and Elevations to describe the project design—1/8”
scale minimum
Enlarged Details—3 required
Hand drawn elevation at 1/4” scale—hand rendered with materials and
context (one)
FOUR PERSON TEAMS: 3d study—2 required—sketch up or formZ
Museum Quality Wood Models— site and building models

Artifact—The team is to designate one area of the project to build at
full scale—such as a wall section, site element, signage, bench etc.
This is to be built at half scale or 1:1 in order to test the concept
and express the project tectonics.

Detail Model at a minimum 1/2”=1’ scale


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